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Harvest Rain's CAT's

CPC Production Service's were the proud exclusive supplier of lighting, audio, video and communications for the largest version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CAT's ever stage in the southern hemisphere.

CPC lighting supplied full crew, distribution, control and infrastructure. Some highlights of what CPC supplied for Lighting Designer, Jason Glenwright:

  • MA Lighting's Grand MA Fullsize, complete with multiple NSPs, many 2 Port Nodes, a few OnPC backups and a MA3D visualization computer system
  • 48x Martin MAC 2000 Series II Performance
  • 48x Martin MAC 2000 Series II Profiles
  • 24x Martin MAC 2000 Washes
  • 12x Martin Viper Profiles
  • 12x Martin MAC 700 Profiles
  • 12x Martin MAC 700 Washes
  • 14x Martin MAC 600
  • 41x Vello XP 600 (Moving Head LED Wash)
  • 6x Ushio Xebex SR-2007 (Follow Spots)
  • 20x Quartz Color Pollux (5Kw Fresnel)
  • 84 Channels of 2.4Kw Jands dimmers
  • 36 Channels of 5Kw Strand dimmers
  • 16x Various Strand Patt Series Lamps (Patt 23, Patt 223 and the good old Patt 60)
  • Lots of Pendants, Floods and Festoon

CPC also supplied the full crew and the following for our resident Audio Designer and Managing Director Murray Keidge:

  • Midas XL8 (96 Channel digital mixing system)
  • Over 70 channels of Sennheiser Radio Microphone systems.  (EM1036, EM1046 and EM3032)
  • Altec Lansing Arena system, complete with Crown Amps and Klark Teknik Processing.
  • Various Neumann and Sennheiser microphones with in the band.

CPC also supplied and full communication systems, from multiple loop cable system, to Telex BTR wireless and 2way radio repeaters with full interfacing.  Stage view (including low light), conductor view and various other camera systems were also supplied to make sure the show work, and work safely.

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