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Midas XL8 added to Production

MIDAS XL8 Right MIDAS XL8 Right Midas Consoles
CPC Production Services is proud to announce the addition of Midas Consoles' XL8 to their existing hire inventory.

The touring version of the XL8 Live Performance System has been specifically configured for high-profile concerts, festivals and major events. Main inputs are connected via DL431 remote control 5-way mic splitters, which have 3 fully-independent, non-interacting mic preamps per input. Two of these are remote controllable (2.5 dB steps) and the third is fixed gain, feeding out as analogue via isolating transformers. The 2 remote control mic preamps separately feed both MIDAS digital networks and analogue outputs. The DL431 units can be shared by the FoH and monitor XL8 consoles, providing a cost effective system but still retaining independent analogue mic preamp remote gain control for the two engineers. Both MIDAS digital network connections are duplicated for redundancy and the DL431 also has dual-redundant power supplies.

Audio outputs are routed to any of the 5 supplied DL451 configurable I/O units, each of which can have up to 24 outputs and 24 inputs depending on I/O card options fitted. Any DL451 (and DL431) unit can be up to 100m from either the stage router or FoH location. The stage router can be up to 500m from FoH. All of these connections are dual redundant, as are the network routers.

  • 5 “Daylight Visible” screens with 3-way KVM switch
  • 432 I/O of connectivity
  • 112 mix inputs onto 51 buses
  • 12 VCAs
  • 8 POPulation Groups
  • 16 effects devices
  • Up to 51 KLARK TEKNIK EQs with DN9331 RapidE control
  • Configurable “Area B”
  • 150m bidirectional 192+192 channel-redundant fibre optic snake (max 500m)
  • Local I/O - 2 x DL451 up to 24 in / 24 out configurable I/O
  • Stage I/O - 2 x DL451 up to 24 in / 24 out configurable I/O
  • Stage I/O - 4 x DL431 24 in 5-way split, fixed configuration
  • Stage I/O - 2 x DL461 Audio System Signal Router
  • KLARK TEKNIK DN9331 RapidE Graphic Controller as standard
  • Control centre supplied in flight case
  • FOH Control supplied in flight case
  • Stage Routers and DSP supplied in flight case

Contact our production and hire department for more information.

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